Eucharist The Miracle Of Miracles Of Jesus

We Christians know about the life of Jesus and we read and meditate upon the various miracles that Jesus performed during his life time.We Christians know about the life of Jesus and we read and meditate upon the various miracles that Jesus performed during his life time. The Holy Eucharist is the miracle of all miracles which Jesus performed before departing from this world. Jesus did this on the day before his crucifixion which we call it as the last supper. During this last supper Jesus with tremendous love for the humanity and for all those who love him and believe in him, worked a miracle. The miracle of His most holy body and His most precious blood. Jesus disappeared from the sight of his disciples but he did not actually disappear from their sight. He lives with all His believers and His church and humanity as God Immanuel (God with us), in the form of his precious body and blood.

His body is presented to us in the form of bread and his precious blood is given to us in the form of wine. This miracle is not a miracle that was done and forgotten but a miracle which continues to be the actual real presence of Jesus. God Immanuel is with entire humanity to the end of the world to the time he comes to us again in His glory. This is the miracle which Jesus asked his disciple to remember all the time. He asked His disciples to remember Him, His Crucifixion, His suffering, His death and resurrection by keeping with us His body and precious blood. He continues to be present with us in the form of bread and wine by giving us His own body and precious blood.

All the four gospels narrate to us the entire mystery of the institution of the Eucharist. Not just the gospels but also the letters of Paul to the Corinthians. Let us read how the miracle is narrated in the gospel of Saint

Then he took a loaf of bread, gave thanks, broke it in pieces, and handed it to them, saying, "This is my body, which is given for you. Keep on doing this in memory of me." (Luke 22:14-23.)

He did the same with the cup after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood, poured out for you.” (Luke  22:20 )

This miracle is narrated in short in the above verses. This is the only  miracle  that Jesus asks his disciples to remember Him by repeating this miracle again and again. “Do this in rememberence of me.” This particular miracle is remembered by the Christian faithful from the time of our Lord’s resurrection to till date. Throughout the world both within the Catholic Church and within the Orthodox Church the Eucharist is the center of Christian life. Through this Eucharist we continue to remember Jesus, His death, His resurrection and His sufferings and all that He did for humanity.

Particularly when Jesus says that my blood is the new covenant, this is our lord’s way of renewing the convent. In the Old Testament God made a covenant with the Jewish people. When Moses brought the people from the slavery out of the Egypt; they took the blood of the paschal lamb and they smeared it on the top of their doors. That blood remained to be a symbol and a sign of God’s mercy and God’s freedom given to them. Year after year they sacrificed the paschal lamb. Taking the blood of the lamb and remembering the miracle that God had done for them by delivering them from slavery. Now Jesus is making a new covenant with his people, the new covenant is not done in the way it was done for the Old Testament people. In those days they used the blood of bulls and goats and the lambs and the animals. But now Jesus is carrying his own precious blood. This is not the blood of the mere of animals, the blood which is His own. That is why He came to this earth as we read in the letter to the Hebrews in chapter 10.

For this reason, when Christ came into the world, he said, "You did not want sacrifices and offerings, but you prepared a body for me. In burnt offerings and sin offerings you never took delight. Then I said, 'See, I have come to do your will, O God'(Heb 10:5-7)