‘The Queen of Angels ‘ Retreat and Counselling Centre’ is purely the brain child of its dedicated Director, Rev. Dr. Fr. V. Ignatius. S.J. The idea of reaching out to the under privileged masses was well conceived in his mind and saw its fruition in 2002.Today it stands towering as the beacon of hope to hundreds and thousands of desolate people who are groping to find a place in the main stream of the society.

Fr. V. Ignatius who is currently Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at Sacred Heart College, Satya Nilayam, Chennai, trains and guides youngsters from 1971, to face the challenges of the world today. He follows the Jesuit Philosophy and Spirituality of transcending all borders to cater to the needs of the people and to help mankind achieve its highest state of  being. He has authored several books and composed and sung innumerable songs inspiring hope into the hearts of  those in the verge of despair.

This numbers 21 volumes of audio cassettes ,CDs and VCDs. Through his TV programme ‘Punidhathai Nokkiye’ (Toward holiness) , telecast  on Jaya plus  between 7.30 and 8.00 a.m. on Saturdays , he reaches out to  millions of Tamils the world over by speaking the universal language of love . This is a continuation of the episodes telecast on  Jaya TV, Raj TV and Thamizhan channel  right from the year 1998.  

THE QUEEN OF ANGELS RETREAT AND COUNSELLING CENTRE’, is situated between Vandalur and Kelambakkam, with a distance of about  10 km from either side. Connectivity between the various parts of Chennai has made commuting easier without any hazard. What baffles the new comer is the vast development in the area which has made it a viable spot outside the city limits. On entering its portals, one is spellbound  by the lively statue of the Angel blowing the trumpet ,announcing the urgency of the times. This calls for a deep introspection of one’s way of life. It is then that you realize that you are in a haven of sorts where you can rest assured of returning with peace dominating your heart.

The scenic beauty coupled with its friendly volunteers make your day a pleasant one. But what catches one most by surprise, is the simplicity and humility of its well- learned Director Dr. Fr. V. Ignatius. S.J. Listening and speaking to him , you realize that you are in the right place for you see in him a father , a friend and above all a trust worthy confidante. A holistic approach to healing of individuals with equal focus on physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions has made him and ‘Queen of Angels’ the most sought- after destination. It takes a life of dedication and living as a witness to God’s unending love, to really build up faith, and encourage people to fling their arms around God as their anchor for life.

The Centre houses a beautiful hall with a seating capacity of five hundred. The Meditation Room is the place where you come face to face with God and with your inner self, far away from the maddening crowds, all aloof, with the time ticking at your disposal. It is of course heartening to see the people of various faiths seated at close proximity with each other, and praying to the One God who is the Source of all that is. Then of course there is ’Manresa’ , a lodging facility for the retreatants, built on high standards of hygiene and modest comforts. The dining hall with a seating capacity of about two hundred has made provision of food at a subsidized rate feasible.
The ‘Queen of Angels’ Retreat and Counselling Centre’  conducts the following programs:

The Special animation sessions for the youth:

The Animation sessions conducted for the youth are unique and prove to be a dynamic launch pad from where the youngsters can look with a clearer vision about their future. The Youth sessions of three days’ duration  are held thrice a year.A frank and open discussion with the youngsters enable them channelize their focus towards what is lasting and true.

The Remedial coaching classes:

The Remedial coaching classes are aimed at changing young lives for the better. The beneficiaries are the poor children from the neighboring villages. The children are from the age group of three to fifteen years. About five  College students and a trained teacher volunteer to teach the poor children.

The Free Medical camps:

Medical camps are conducted about five to six times in a year. A team of medical experts from reputed city hospitals render their free services. A free eye check-up and surgical camp is also conducted simultaneously.

 The de-addiction and therapeutic counselling for the alcoholics:

The Retreat and Therapeutic counseling sessions for the Alcoholics is conducted every alternate month of the year. The sessions are conducted by the Director of the Retreat and Counselling Centre, Rev. Dr. Fr. V. Ignatius. S.J. who is a licensed Thearpeutic Counsellor .
The teachings are centred on

- The Chemistry of alcohol

- How it affects the brain and nervous system

- How it affects the general health of the addict

- How a person is affected psychologically and socially

- The stages of alcoholism with their symptoms

- Tthe methods of recovery.

The Counselling for the AIDS patients:

Counselling for the AIDS patients demands a lot of verve coupled with patience and understanding.  The aim is to instill  confidence in life and to get them free from trauma and depression together with a strong will to live. This is done on individual basis as their identity is not revealed.

The Group animation sessions:

Group animation sessions are conducted at Loyola College considering the city dwellers. The target audience is the general public. Concentration on the main ills that plague those in the city and the fast-paced style of living is usually dealt with. These are specially designed family animation sessions. The sessions are conducted every month with the view of giving continuity and to make it possible for those within the city limits.

Counselling sessions for the different target groups:

The Counselling sessions for the different target groups, such as nurses, teachers, doctors,  lawyers etc. are conducted at regular intervals . These are aimed at enabling the professionals perform their function with perfection. Catering to their spiritual and psychological needs is the need of the hour. This is well met with, with the patient Counselling and Animation session conducted for the specific groups. All these activities and services testify to the goodness that still goes well and strong in the world today. We welcome each of you to participate and be a part of this noble venture carried out at ‘Queen of Angels’ Counselling Centre’.